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Home Security Consultations

Allow us to help make your “safe place” a secure home that you can really feel safe in.  We cover everything from video camera and security system placement and installations, to home and family protection dogs.  We also specialize in home invasion training for you and your family.  


School and Business Security Consultations

With the ever-growing threat of active shooters, schools and business will unfortunately forever be a bullseye.  Let us help you to make sure that you are as fortified and protected as possible, and able to respond appropriately to any situation.  This can include training for your employees, as well as directions on preventative measures.


Tactical Training

We offer tactical training to law enforcement, military, and civilians.  Feel free to check out our publicly announced courses on our calendar.  We will also post our public classes on our instagram page (@safe_haven_dynamics).  For specific training options, private classes, or contract classes, please reach out via email or our “Contact Us” page. 


Private Client Arrangements

Private investigations, personal protection details, travel, specialized training. Contact us for more information and detailed inquiries.  We mainly work off of a referral system.  NOTICE: If there is not a linked contact, we will be inclined to do a full background check on a potential client.

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