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Surefire 7" Lead


HOT BUTTON™ is a state-of-the-art control device for weapon-mounted electronic accessories. It provides a 45 degree angle button interface for a more natural press angle at any position around a weapon hand guard. The up-angled button also provides an easier tactile reference point for the button location in the dark. A raised bezel guards the button from accidental activation.


HOT BUTTON™ functions just like the host device’s onboard fire controls. For weapon lights, HOT BUTTON™ features both half-press for momentary and full press-to-click for constant activation. For lasers, HOT BUTTON™ features both press for momentary and double tap for constant activation.

The SureFire®-type plug features a angled strain relief to point the cable back towards the rail, reducing snag hazard and cable damage. The Crane-type plug features universal geometry that makes it more compatible with various laser ports.


This version of HOT BUTTON™ will attach directly to M1913 Rail.

Meets MIL-STD-810G-512.6

Unity Tactical - Hot Button Picattiny


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